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International Ladies Night (06/06)

Join us for International Ladies Night on 6th June on Zoom! THE FUTURE IS FEMALE: A NIGHT OF INSPIRATIONAL STORIES & WOMEN!
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International Ladies Night (06/06)

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06 cze 2020, 19:00 – 22:00

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International Ladies Night: THE FUTURE IS FEMALE is a night of personal sharings and expert presentations to ignite your creativity and take your ideas to the next level, so you can forge your dreams into a fulfilling and flourishing business.

Join us for a night of networking and deep conversations with inspirational women reliving their trials and successes. These talented women will unfold intimate stories about getting started and breaking into their respective industries. Afterwards we'll open up the evening for questions and hang out with guest speakers and other attendees.

Our Guest Speakers


RENIA IS AN INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS STRATEGIST, SUCCESS COACH, SPEAKER, AND THE FOUNDER OF LDV ELITE. SHE IS A SPEAKER FOR FORTUNE 500 COMPANIES, APPEARS ON NBC TV AND OTHER TELEVISION PROGRAMMING, AND IS AN ACCOMPLISHED AUTHOR. Her expertise in international business, fashion, wellness, and coaching help her design personalized strategies to empower women to step into their ultimate success, financial freedom and luxurious lifestyle and to live their true purpose. Her career started with opening her first fashion boutique at the age of 18, followed by running an international import-export company in her 20’s , before moving to the US to manage a luxurious spa servicing A-List celebrities and global elites in her 30’s, and founding an international coaching business in her 40’s. Over the years Renia has helped her clients build world-class businesses by elevating their industry profile, communicating effectively, building structure and systems, and transforming their mindset and belief system. 

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Anita Sajkiewicz 

Anita is the owner of Nimbus Accounting Ltd. Nimbus Accounting is a small family-owned online business founded and managed by Anita, ex-corporate accountant turned entrepreneur. The firm is listed as a licensed practice by a prestigious accounting body Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) and also registered as a Tax Agent with the Revenue Office. We are Certified Advisors for Xero cloud accounting software. We are passionate about helping small business owners and entrepreneurs. In particular we specialize in working with online businesses and we love to have this personal connection with our clients. We help online entrepreneurs across Ireland start, grow and manage their business, so they can keep more money in their pockets. We are not just traditional year-end accountants who prepare annual accounts and tax returns. On top of that we provide our clients with ongoing support to help them manage finances in their business and to help them navigate through difficult times.

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• Female founders and entrepreneurs who will share their stories, learnings and insights on their journeys • Connect with women and business leaders in startup community • A fun, inspirational online meeting where you can mix and mingle with female entrepreneurs, pick up a few tips, and learn from each other.

Our Mission 

We would like to reach creative women and women's organisations that want to better understand the role of women in the modern world and to promote women in the society. Calling all nationalities. Our mission is to support and empower women and girls and improve their lives through developing potential and opportunities. 

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